Meet Robyn Chance

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“Welcome to my online world of heARTwork! I hope you are in~joying your visit.

Allow me to share a vulnerable bit of my personal story with you: I have always seen our holographic world through the eyes of both the ‘artist’ and the ‘muse’. As a child I couldn’t decide which I loved more: my art supplies or my own eyes in the mirror! Both reflected what I longed to see, the REAL ME, both the Creatrix and the Created. My childhood experience was intense with emotions, deeply struggling with the aftermath of my parents’ divorce, severely bullied and beaten up in school for both my ugliness and my beauty, scored high in IQ, EQ and talent but made to feel incompetent, punished, unsafe in the world and ultimately ‘less than’ for my low attention span towards forced studies (that had no relevance to my life path).. almost destroying my sense of self love, but miraculously turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was continuously consumed in a blazing fire, and all that could not sustain me anyway got burned out, reminding me of the ever-growing and ever-shining Being that I still Am today. I went through numerous dark nights of the soul throughout my school years, and my experimental teen years gave me a huge taste of the multi-dimensionality of our universe. About a decade later while subconsciously ‘earning my self worth back’ in the entertainment industry (Hollywood, 2006), I was gifted with a near-death experience (NDE). I flat-lined under anesthesia and left my body down below on the operating table ~ I was/am eternally HOME. ONE. LOVE. ALL; Seeing and Being Dark Indigo all around, Sparkling Perfection, Matrixed, Creatrixed and Omnipresent, a Divine blend of exhilaration, peace and unconditional okay-ness beyond our language.. “I’ve been here all along” is the profound phrase I took with me as I left and also upon my return. With the deepest breath I rode back into my human biosuit, rebirthed with the full knowing and remembrance of this almost-untranslatable experience. I have since observed my life’s unfoldment as more precious, knowing a safety in my Being that allows me express my honest feelings. I am here to live as organically and creatively as my bliss dictates, only stopping to give radical compassion to my shadow self and others’, and radiating passion in my human opportunity. I adore the receptive and caring nature of femininity and colorfully splashing our story across my heARTwork… art can be the confirmational doorway for those who see, and a guiding light for those who may have blindfolded their sight. Fueled by my personal experience of the Divine, I paint my physical, emotional and spiritual experience like an integrative prayer and sacred journal entry to my heart (and all hearts). My Light is the canvas… my Shadow is the paint and my Love guides the brush.” ~Robyn

Robyn Chance is a heart-centered Texas native of European, Cherokee and Choctaw descent. She is a nationally-published artist of indefinite mediums. A multi-faceted ‘Priestess of the heARTs’, she shares her Love and inspiration with the world as a visionary painter, shamanic dance channel and fifth-dimensional artist, weaving rainbow codes and blessings into her dreamcatchers and mystical regalia. Robyn is part of the second wave of Indigo children born of the 1980’s. Having a gentle yet rebellious disposition, she found beauty and validity in the dark and colorful aspects of everything. Her work derives from a well-lit emotional journey through the uncharted territory of the subconscious mind, and a conscious choice to paint a new vision of Empowerment, Sacred Relationship and Self Love. After thirteen years of esteeming, expressing and discovering herself as the Muse in the glamorous entertainment industry, a near-death experience eventually led her back to her mystical roots with a deeper sense of responsibility to her creative calling. Within six years of her NDE, she lost a baby, got both married and divorced, lost multiple priceless works of her art, performed before hundreds of thousands of people and pleased and disappointed many. She shed the excess, went all natural and rooted herself into the Big Island of Hawaii (in winter of 2012/2013). Pele transformed her to sharpen and attune to the creative fires of the womb, birthing forth magick and a child-like vulnerability in her creations and in their message. After exploring a life in Texas, NYC, Los Angeles, and on an International Performance Tour, Robyn has settled in Kailua-Kona with her Beloved; and continues to seed, blossom and integrate herself as a wild and sacred vessel of the Divine Feminine Creative Fire.

*Robyn’s Many Special Thank You’s…
“I wish to THANK LIFE itself, this mysterious unfolding journey, my wild and courageous heart, my precious and supportive Beloved Ian, my biggest fan-my Mom, my childhood inspiration- my Dad, my left brain coach Cathy, my hilarious life-long companions-my brother Adam and sister Chrissy, my caring and compassionate Grama and witty late Grampa, my wise, warm and organized Mamaw and my Chief-like late Papaw, my artistic Aunt Cathy and shamanic Uncle Moon, my awesome cousins Carrie, Mason, Hailey, Jordan, Ryan, Reagan, Rebecca, Wyatt, Levi, Ashton, Kiely, Kimmi, Diana, Ashley, Lacey and Ryan. Gratitude for My Soul SiStars: Marni, Amber, Katie, Mishi, Alila, Lala, Angela, Kelly, Amma Sophia Rose, Tracy, Stephanie, Kristin, Karen, Cassie, Haris, Deborah, Rachel, Moriah, Kela, Asha, Christine, Hope, Lena, Sara Tone, Amber Lily and so many more powerful beauties on my path these days. Thank You to my tribe here on the Big Island of Hawaii, and my tribe back in Texas, California, Oklahoma, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Florida, Minnesota, Washington, Arizona, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Panama, Oahu and Kauai. My final Thank You goes to my soul family and life-long career supporter and manager Jesse McLean. He, his wife Brenda and his family have treated me like an extension of their family for seventeen years and I’ve had a web presence, images, videos and more for the entire span because of his consistent belief in me. Jesse offered me my very first CO-directed photoshoot at eighteen years old, he encouraged artistic license in creative direction, makeup, styling, wardrobe, concept, retouch and post production. He has been my primary photographer, videographer, manager and trusted friend for seventeen years and going.. capturing the chapters of my life in the most vivid way, opening the professional door of co-creatorship with me and launching my career as a cover/centerfold/calendar model and spokesperson; and as an artist and dancer he’s captured and ushered my creations into our digital reality that we can share with the world. I am a blessed woman to have the Love and support of so many outstanding people on this sacred Earth I walk upon. All of my work is dedicated to those who have helped me along the way, everyone mentioned above, my guides both physical and non-physical, my previous partners, students, teachers, the spirits of Nature and every soul Ive ever met. I am the product of having been connected in one way or another to ALL of You. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin… To All my relations. I honor you in this circle of life.