“Shamanic Feelher” by Robyn Chance
She comes in through the upside down door, fearless in her vulnerability and radical commitment to integrity. She makes a living practice of pausing to feel disruption in her body, her heart, and her mentality…and is not afraid to express tears of mourning the false identity. She is a young-faced, indigo feminine energy, representing openness, wonder and curiosity towards the human condition of duality. Spirit comes through as She, to hold our hand compassionately as we cry out the pain that’s lingering, bringing us to our knees.. and these.. very needs of loving self-inquiry is her forte, doing so integrates Spirit and Ego more today, closing the painful gap along the way. Feel Her under the moonlight, the starlight, tears in the eyes can also shine bright! There is always a sparkle in the darkest night… The subconscious shadow that hides is nothing more than Divinity in Disguise, an opportunity to Rise and realize who we really Are deep down, around and inside.. -RC
02 Feb 2017 in Blog
Creatrix by Robyn Chance
The Creatrix is within us all, she is our golden guide, star-lighting the path through the subconscious mind creating every step along the way. We can navigate and observe what we project into the dark veils, seeming blackness diffuses into indigo.. take the smoke and mirrors with an attitude of enthusiasm, curiosity and humor. The mysterious void and sparkling matrix/matter/maternal/mother that is animated by the Light makes for our fantastical human experience. Honor the gift that shadow offers, She is the womb of whole-y transformation. Take the Light of awareness deep into the heart, and offer loving eyes to whatever we see inside. We must stand up for all aspects of the wounded self in hiding, give respect and compassion to the shadow and the journey we’ve survived. In grateful integration of darkness we will end the war within our own hearts and thus continue to bless and transmute our world.
24 Jan 2017 in Blog
Letting Go
Letting Go Moving through ancestral heartache and cellular frustration, being let down yet again after promised anticipation… unknowing our worth we idolize… for belonging’s sake get hypnotized, emotions are the alarm clock, the awakening tides.. Gotta Honor Mother Nature within and realize … the bleeding thighs, the heavy cries these waves of darkness are bringing the Light to our Eyes! With a blessed anxiety I say goodbye as a humiliated fantasy within me dies. My needs for rooting deep denied… without sacred covenant commitment, sticking around ain’t Love its addiction in disguise. Midwifing myself through the re-birthing canal, pioneering the mystery of my womb’s morale, holding myself more sacred I shall. I will let my heart fly and soar the winds steady, pay closer attention to the signs already! Gotta let go with Love if their palms are too sweaty, can’t keep going All In with those who aren’t ready.
17 Sep 2016 in Blog
Sacred Union
Sacred Union “Divine Femininity… Forsaking Her mystery turns to emotional intensity, shamed for voicing Her discrepancy, centuries dismissed Her as ‘Crazy’… Again She rises, flows and nurtures in Her mastery.. Her super sensuality and metaphysicality.. held back by wounded beings that deny their own ability to manifest an intimate reality. This Priestess still prays lovingly to Her Divine Masculinity, they played roles separately, now He’s shining in and of and through me.. I birth a Christ-like entity, when you Seed me with integrity, kisses sun-shining on dark soil sweetly, on the ever-present Daily.. Through clouds and storms.. you hold me to grieve and mourn, emotional rain will cleanse and re-absorb, new growth will adorn Her earthly body with flora and fauna and fruit-bearing trees, sparkling things, birthing more conscious Beings. See how the dark cocoon imagines our wings? Learn to Trust Me. Fearing the unknown is a part of the dance, get off the fence and take a Chance, either step onto the floor or deny your romance and maintain spaced-out separation in your self-righteousness. Take your stance… Or Her Divine eyes will take a glance.. process in the black of night by the reflection of another brother’s light on […]
12 Sep 2015 in Blog