Letting Go

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17 Sep 2016 in Blog

Author : Robyn Chance


Letting Go

Moving through ancestral heartache and cellular frustration, being let down yet again after promised anticipation… unknowing our worth we idolize… for belonging’s sake get hypnotized, emotions are the alarm clock, the awakening tides.. Gotta Honor Mother Nature within and realize … the bleeding thighs, the heavy cries these waves of darkness are bringing the Light to our Eyes! With a blessed anxiety I say goodbye as a humiliated fantasy within me dies. My needs for rooting deep denied… without sacred covenant commitment, sticking around ain’t Love its addiction in disguise. Midwifing myself through the re-birthing canal, pioneering the mystery of my womb’s morale, holding myself more sacred I shall. I will let my heart fly and soar the winds steady, pay closer attention to the signs already! Gotta let go with Love if their palms are too sweaty, can’t keep going All In with those who aren’t ready.

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