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      "The Creating Process, My Thoughts and the Paintings Intentions... whispered through me into written word."

      A glance into the life and creation process of a heART Priestess.

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  • Holy Beloved

The act of painting is a personal prayer for me, like a journal entry, and this is the expression of the masculine aspect of me making love to the feminine me, in holy matrimony. Both beloveds are essentially 'me' joined in Sacred Unity, initially created so that I may call in and experience this level of connectivity in Sacred Relationship intimacy. Inspired by the agony of separation mentality, I set out to integrate duality and become the beloved of my heart autonomously. I have since experienced the glory of His Light upon my chest, my needs are met and my mind can rest, Rumi’s quote has said it best, “Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” This is the essence of the Lovers nest, where egos feel safe to get undressed, Son’s light sets in the feminine watery west, upon her breast shining, sparkling and twinkling celeste.. We Are Heaven on Earth, We Are One and We Are Blessed.

I first imagined.. what would it be like to have a heavenly relationship with my partner? And my inner response was, 'first have a heavenly relationship with ME'. I started to really listen to the voice that responded to the question. So there are two of 'me'? Apparently so. After that moment, the way both aspects of me felt was now my top priority, testing to see if it would integrate and transform my life. I began to notice the underlying anxiety fueling many of my actions, especially in relationships with others, as a reflection of the arguments inside of me. I knew I had to do some serious listening to both aspects of my feelings if I ever wanted to know and love all of who I really am, as an integrated whole. This painting is a very intimate and personal prayer for me, depicting the feminine me making love to the masculine me, in holy matrimony. Both beloveds are essentially 'me' joined in Sacred Union. Within a few days of starting this piece, I met Ian… after a few months we grew into a Loving partnership, and the masculine ‘me’ in the painting took on his long curly hair. It truly changed my life from the inside out to paint this! Not to mention that this is also the first artwork that 'light language' began to emerge through me as well. It was pure in-joyment to let it flow from the burst of sunlight. The painting went through a number of transformations and has evolved tenfold since its first publishing on Bryan Reeves' viral blog titled "Choose Her Everyday, or Leave Her". That was the first time I'd ever published an unfinished painting, and here it is now completed, for all to see my creative process. Quite vulnerable, magickal and romantic indeed!

Size Options: 20x30, 40x60

Frame Options: Each frame is individually hand-assembled using high quality Plantation Grown Radiata Pine and recycled natural wood product. A 1.25" Gallery Wrap print is inset, leaving a 3/8" space between canvas and frame. Your framed canvas will be ready to hang right out of the box. 

Optional Artist Embellishment:


Comes charged with Aloha and magick with thick gloss gel and iridescent, fluorescent &/or pearlescent paint accents. Textured and Prettier than ever!


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Holy Beloved

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  • $299.00

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