“With my blood, sweat and tears

She asks me to paint Her,

Let my blood cycle be re~inherited back into Nature.

She absorbs me directly,

composted codes allow her to know me, feel me,

grow food that will cellular-heal me;

my confusion consumed, I’m rooted and safer,

feeling connection to this physical home, I’m braver,

the old flushing of my DNA into chemical slavery

transmuting a lack-founded power,

thought to be ‘higher up’,

a trick into ‘earning’ approval from above,

Hamster wheel hid our birthrights and heavenly nature

-exploiting our need of Love and Belonging through labor.

We nurse and cradle the compassion

these scared babies’ lost

understanding the perfection in their wires crossed,

we‘ve infiltrated, and integrated,

neural pathways expose how Divinity participated.

Thank You hierarchy for triggering my Remembering…

You brought me to the apex of me, angelically.

it’s time to invert and expand to our Toroidal Geometry

This Priestess is invested to re-inherit Her method

to care for a bountiful body and Earth,

get these hands dirty and connect to the Aina, first.

Her Sacred Cycle ritual will remind and rebirth,

recovering me from the insanity

of ever again having to ‘earn’ Love,

Belonging or Worth.”





Connecting to the Earth... offering back my blood, She reaches up through my stream and speaks to my Being in a way that surpasses all programs and conditions I was taught. I am reminded that I belong here, obviously because I AM here. I exist here. Period. No earning, proving, chasing of any kind is necessary for my worth, health and abundance to BE. It already IS. I strive because I’m passionate to live this unique life, not to earn my worth or ‘a living’. This has been rewritten... the new code is painted in this heartwork I call ‘Sacred Cycle’... This is my bonding and parting photoshoot with her.. She will fly to California to be at home with her powerful new caretakers soon, and I am feeling my gratitude and abundance expanding wildly 💕
Magickal photo captured by Earth Angel
Mahalo to @wildheartisthawaii for aligning the sale 🙏🏽