I remember when I bought my first Robyn Chance sticker… Stoked! When I saw her artwork I was instantly drawn to it. I was really into Lucid Dreams at the time and her paintings had this mystical dream type vibe. When I set out to film her I thought I was just going to capture her making art… but things changed when I found out she was a dancer. It’s cool to see the person behind the art.. to see their character gives the work more depth. I try to capture someones essence in 1 minute… can I do it? Probably not. But I hope it inspires y’all to go make some Heartwork today.

-Jon Bodhi
.🎼 RITUAL : Josephine

This was the most incredible experience for Jesse and I to capture! I fell for the music of Bob Marley while living and working temporarily in Jamaica. It was years ago.. My friend David hosted me, and he was so good to me.

Eclipse~ by Hope Medford, of Medicine for the People, from her album Purify (2013) hopemedford.com ~In collaboration with Visionary Artwork of Shawn Hocking (Shockingartwork.com) and joined by dancers Robyn Chance and Lena Moon ~ released on the Lunar Eclipse, April 2014
"Aquarian Rebirth" refers creatively to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius... You've all heard the song, yeah? This painting is a reflection of my own inner journey during this planetary shift in awareness. It was of course a beautiful, exciting challenge from beginning to end, as all life is!
I LOVE painting with color!! I rarely see Buddha depicted this way, in messy colors all over...and for me, personally, I like to combine the feminine use of multiple colors and wild textures with the masculine, zen archetypal image of the Buddha. I saw a photograph of this in reverse...

This collaboration was originally intended to magnify Nahko and his message, while raising money for us to put back into the land. This is still the foundation if the project, however a transformational shift within me occurred during the process, and I went with the flow and let the story tell itself.

Baby Bash's official music video for 'Cyclone' ft. T-Pain.

World-Champion Salsa Dancers "Robyn & Jose"
Mystical Dragon Commission from my friend David Parr, recorded in time-lapse video along with an expressive and fiery photo shoot upon completion. Captivating photography and video production by my friend and partner Jesse McLean Jr. Thank you David for the opportunity to tune into the energy of the dragon...
Robyn is the artist of R'tress designs. She had a near-death experience followed by multiple ongoing awakenings. Together we decided to create and share her message with the world. Directed & Produced by Jesse McLean, Jr. with Robyn Chance Music by Phaeleh, Soundmouse and remixed by Akira Kiteshi

This is my favorite purse painting to date!! I've been painting on purses for a while, starting out as Christmas gifts to the women in my family. I had quite a bit of excitement over them these last couple years so I've decided to make a few for the public.