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      "The Creating Process, My Thoughts and the Paintings Intentions... whispered through me into written word."

      A glance into the life and creation process of a heART Priestess.

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Discover The HeArt of Robyn Chance

Robyn Chance is a nationally-published, multi-faceted ‘Priestess of the heARTs’, trained in her process by life itself. She introduces her soul to the world as a visionary artist, a writer, model and shamanic dance channel with a disposition that swings from an ancient owl to a playful faery. She is part of the second wave of Indigo children born in the 1980’s. Being a gentle and rebellious wild flower within her native Texan society, Robyn found sparkles of inspiration outside of the classroom; abiding the planned curriculum was not a realistic option for her. Around eighteen she brought her art and performance gifts to music videos and international stages, cleverly borrowing from her power Source to create an entire public image around sensualized beauty, in an effort to feel a sense of value and safety in an otherwise limiting societal structure. Though successful, her inner pain and fear remained. After thirteen years of ‘esteeming herself’ in the holographic entertainment industry, a Near-Death Experience led her back to her innate worthiness and mystical ancestral roots. Because of her widely-broadcasted timeline, she has become an inspirational guide for how a broken-open muse can burn and rise from the ashes as the all-witnessing Artist who paints the sacred story. In every work of heART that is born, Robyn herself is reborn anew, as both the painted inner-child and the Mother-painter-creator. After a long performance and festival tour of North and South America, Robyn has settled in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, with her Beloved, continuing to honor and integrate herself as a wild and sacred vessel of the Creative Feminine Fire.

Writer : Latest Blog

Shamanic FeelHer

"She comes in through the upside down door, fearless in her vulnerability and radical..."


"The Creatrix is within us all, she is our golden guide, star-lighting the path through the subconscious..."



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Priestess of the heArts

“Move me, I’m an elemental symphony~ Maiden Mother and Crone express progressively, the original holy trinity."

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Meet & Greet this First Friday at Wild Heartist! 6-9pm, 9/7/18

Sacred Cycle "Bring me to the edge of Me, I expand into holy equality. Her Sacred Cycle ritual will remind and rebirth, recovering us from ever having to earn Love, Belonging, and Our Own Worth."

Visit us at Wild heArtist Boutique & Gallery on Bayfront in Hilo! Originals, tapestries, prints and more!

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