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      "The Creating Process, My Thoughts and the Paintings Intentions... whispered through me into written word."

      A glance into the life and creation process of a heART Priestess.

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Robyn Chance is a nationally-published, multi-faceted ‘Priestess of the heARTs’, trained in her process by life itself. She introduces her soul to the world as a visionary painter, writer, model and shamanic dance channel with a disposition that swings from a wise owl to a playful child. She is part of the second wave of Indigo children born in the 1980’s. Being a gentle and rebellious wild flower within her native Texan society, Robyn found sparkles of hope outside of the classroom. Abiding the curriculum was not a realistic option for her. Around eighteen she cleverly borrowed from her power Source to create an entire public image around sensualized beauty, in an effort to feel a sense of value and protection in an otherwise debilitating societal structure. Though successful, her inner pain remained. After thirteen years of ‘esteeming herself’ in the entertainment industry, a Near-Death Experience led her back to her innate worthiness and mystic ancestral roots. Because of her widely-published timeline, she has become an inspirational guide for how a broken-hearted muse can burn and rise from the ashes as the witnessing artist who paints the sacred story. After a long performance and festival tour, Robyn has settled in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, with her Beloved, continuing to honor herself as a wild and integrated vessel of the Sacred Feminine.

“My perspective is that of both, the artist and the muse. Art alchemizes my heartache into golden openings; it’s a map and tool for harmonizing all of the hurt and joy in my emotional world. It takes me deeper into my human experience, my multi-colored personality, where chaos sparks a sensitive journey, guiding me to reveal the sensational conversation between the mess and the grace of life. Like two colors blending on the canvas, a duality within me unifies as the painting emerges. Some days the heart wants to drip and splatter and I just let it. I love to paint flowing rainbow hair and vibrant colors, pairing earthen browns with intense, cosmic neons - as bright light meets matter; the vivid hue of a leaf held up to the sun. When I’m giddy about an idea, a tingling feeling will send a chill through my spine, through my hand and brush onto the canvas… I astonish myself to tears sometimes because I can hardly believe the gifts that are coming through me. Surrendering to the Creative Force has Empowered me immensely... How could I have ever doubted that I am precious and worthy of love and safety in the world? *tears welling up* I’m still a small child remembering that it’s okay to be myself, that I’m special and safe to live and express just as I Am; We Are All So Sacred and Assisted in following our souls' calling. I hope my heARTwork and lifestyle serves humanity as a reminder of that.” ~Robyn

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