Sacred Union

Divine Femininity… Forsaking Her mystery turns to emotional intensity, shamed for voicing Her discrepancy, centuries dismissed Her as ‘Crazy’… Again She rises, flows and nurtures in Her mastery.. Her super sensuality and metaphysicality.. held back by wounded beings that deny their own ability to manifest an intimate reality. This Priestess still prays lovingly to Her Divine Masculinity, they played roles separately, now

He’s shining in and of and through me.. I birth a Christ-like entity, when you Seed me with integrity, kisses sun-shining on dark soil sweetly, on the ever-present Daily. Through clouds and storms.. you hold me to grieve and mourn, emotional rain will cleanse and re-absorb, new growth will adorn Her earthly body with flora and fauna and fruit-bearing trees, sparkling things, birthing more conscious Beings. See how the dark cocoon imagines our wings? Learn to Trust Me. Fearing the unknown is a part of the dance, get off the fence and take a Chance, either step onto the floor or deny your romance and maintain spaced-out separation in your self-righteousness. Take your stance… Or Her Divine eyes will take a glance.. process in the black of night by the reflection of another brother’s light on the blood moon disco ball and all Her adoring eyes in the sky. The more love that I allow and embody within, the more the external men will reflect it back in. Seven feathers, seven tears, seven waterfalls, seven years, seven colors of the rainbow reflect from the heaven below. Elemental Harmony, blooms empowered vulnerability, a true Sacred Unity lets go of power struggling… this is the true me, authentically speaking. So Please, with all due respect, do not bother treating me with this Poly-Beloved ‘equality’, in this stage of escapism in His~story bouncing out doesn’t make much sense to me, all that guru fame don’t impress me for this is when History Unites with Mystery, not rivalry… that isn’t the nature of my Being… Honestly it’s total Connectivity… To heal a highly forsaken entity She deserves to finally Be the focused and intentional one and only, to feel committed to love irrevocably. It starts within.. Develop your integrity, as if She’s ever-present and watching you on your journey. Until you Learn how to look into-me-see, Learn to touch me inside and outside masterfully.. until my Heart believes, only THEN shall we truly Be the Biggest Love we Are, as petals open to light organically. Don’t be skipping steps on me, brother and sister please, running from mirror to mirror is an outgoing boundary, don’t defend and deny the violation and abandonment of SHE. It only postpones our harmony. Meditating daily, proactively, crying intensely, I inhaled the red pill and now even the blue, fire and water bearing Unity in my earth-womb too, miraculously, the time is Now to Shine your light encouragingly on your own heart lovingly, our sacred pink bubbly, popped so Listen closely to what I’m sensing vertically, so you can translate this truth and protect us horizontally. The embodiment of Love IS SHE, the Mother of All things -including You and your aversion to expectancy- Only Loving Her deeply and fulfillingly will set you free, begin mastering peace with one woman, not three, its the only hope for humanity, and starts here and now within me, so PROTECT her valuable Mystery, Honor Her Sensitivity, Stand by Her Unconditionally…. For this responsibility is the voice of the light warrior Authority of My own Divine Masculinity.

Robyn Chance