The Creatrix is within us all, she is our golden guide, star-lighting the path through the subconscious mind creating every step along the way. We can navigate and observe what we project into the dark veils, seeming blackness diffuses into indigo.. take the smoke and mirrors with an attitude of enthusiasm, curiosity and humor. The mysterious void and sparkling matrix/matter/maternal/mother that is animated by the Light

makes for our fantastical human experience. Honor the gift that shadow offers, She is the womb of whole-y transformation. Take the Light of awareness deep into the heart, and offer loving eyes to whatever we see inside. We must stand up for all aspects of the wounded self in hiding, give respect and compassion to the shadow and the journey we’ve survived. In grateful integration of darkness we will end the war within our own hearts and thus continue to bless and transmute our world.

Robyn Chance