Shamanic FeelHer

She comes in through the upside down door, fearless in her vulnerability and radical commitment to integrity. She makes a living practice of pausing to feel disruption in her body, her heart, and her mentality…and is not afraid to express tears of mourning the false identity. She is a young-faced, indigo feminine energy, representing openness, wonder and curiosity towards the human condition of duality.

Spirit comes through as She, to hold our hand compassionately as we cry out the pain that’s lingering, bringing us to our knees.. and these.. very needs of loving self-inquiry is her forte, doing so integrates Spirit and Ego more today, closing the painful gap along the way. Feel Her under the moonlight, the starlight, tears in the eyes can also shine bright! There is always a sparkle in the darkest night… The subconscious shadow that hides is nothing more than Divinity in Disguise, an opportunity to Rise and realize who we really Are deep down, around and inside.

Robyn Chance